Dealing with Depression in Clapham South

Depression is a horrible feeling. If you are suffering from depression you may know why started it or you may be mystified by its arrival.

It may be in response to a life event, a bereavement or the break up of a relationship which leaves you feeling out of control and as if your future has been taken away from you. However, it may also just be a dark feeling that comes over you for no apparent reason.

If we feel bad we may punish ourselves for feeling this way which only worsens the dark empty feeling. It is possible to become attached to and perpetuate our unhealthy patterns of thinking and self-talk.  Speaking to a therapist can help to break these patterns so you can begin to learn new more helpful ways to think.

People commonly say they can’t understand why they feel as they do, after all worse things happen to other people. This is not the best way to think, each person is a unique individual with their own past and experiences which effect how they react. If you are feeling depressed try to be kind to yourself and accept that life has, just at the moment, given you too much to cope with.

It may be necessary in the end to take antidepressants, but first there are empowering things you can do to help yourself.

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